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Metamorphosis Private Program

A unique and highly customized healing experience.


Developed over 8 years and 1,000 readings. Jen offers an energetic life shift by utilizing her mediumistic, intuitive and reiki abilities. By connecting you to your true essence, you will be awakened to your soul’s journey. You will uncover your unique gifts and turn on the power inside of you. This shift allows clients to live the most authentic and successful versions of themselves. This is a significant commitment (3 months minimum) and best suited for those ready to make a serious shift. THIS IS FOR YOU, IF YOU WANT To shift into an awakened state To level up your energy for relationships, business, motherhood To reconnect with your soul self To establish a connection with your Spirit Squad To rely on your own inner guidance and intuition To experience a more joyful way of living To put in the work WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE Learn your soul’s want By connecting to your guides and using intuitive guidance, Jen will help you discover your soul’s true want Release Identify and release old patterns, limited beliefs, energetic blocks and attachments- Conducted through a series of specialized, reiki infused meditations designed specifically for you Chakra clearing energetic clearing to help you align and freely run life force energy through you Mindfulness through thoughtfully designed exercise, we will work towards rewiring your brain and energetic programming to allow you to see through a lens of optimism, love and gratitude. Reiki attunement become your own healer Neuro linguistic programming reframe your ego thoughts into your soul thoughts Boundaries Setting and holding energetic boundaries THE STRUCTURE Two monthly private 1:1 calls with Jen One monthly reiki session Soul Spot membership Voxer access for continued communication w Jen Exercise and homework to keep you in alignment THE INVESTMENT $685 per month or one time payment of $2,000

  • Custom Pricing
  • TBD

Contact Details

  • 949-228-9156

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