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Introducing our all-inclusive Soul Spot membership program, designed to enhance your spiritual journey and elevate your overall well-being. With our membership, you gain access to a vast selection of features and perks that will bring balance, serenity, and growth into your life.

Soul Spot Membership Program

Your TRANSFORMATION starts here

  • Soul Circle Membership

    Every month
    Join our circle for access to meditations, monthly classes, exclusive content and more!
    • Meditations
    • Monthly Classes
    • Community
    • Early access to 1:1 sessions, workshops and retreats.
    • Exclusive access to a library of resources!

*Subscription will auto-renew monthly until cancelled.

Grow with Us

Healer Program

Metamorphosis Program


We believe Spiritual Growth can transform your life. We believe it is never too late to start.

Soul Spot is your place for healing, growth, and exploration.  Learn how to harness the power within.


"Jen has been such a life saver when it comes to helping me learn how to trust my own intuition. Any time I have felt like I have been majorly questioning myself with big life changes (whether career or personal), she has helped me navigate through the lens of love, all while having major compassion for myself. Without any judgment, I know I can share challenges with her, and she confirms that deep down I have the answers I need to get through anything. Jen is my intuitive fairy godmother!" 

Bridget Stangland

"I started working with Jen in 2021 and she consistently blows me away. Her ability to tune into energy and provide accurate readings and insights about all facets of my life is truly remarkable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gifted and compassionate intuitive and medium."

Raina Harrison

"Jen’s nurturing and loving energy has truly changed my life. She has not only helped me frame the way I see the world, but continues to show me how to add love and value every step of the way. She has a unique way of truly understanding what you need to heal, and guides in the most gentle and loving way. I am forever grateful for Jen, as there are very few people I trust with my energy and Jen is one of them. I have attended Soul Spot retreats, intuitive readings and been a student/mentee in her early programs. I enjoy learning from Jen because she has this amazing way of teaching that just clicks with me. She's all about letting me carve out my own path. She's building my spiritual toolkit, helping me explore and guiding me along the way. But what I really love about Jen is how open and real she is."

Renee Hausske

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